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Bunnies, Bibs and Bears has been hand crafting a variety of products for over 20 years.

Our current line features:

Adult Bibs

If you eat or drink chances are you have gotten something on yourself. Whether you are in your car, kitchen, or restaurant we can help you avoid those expensive cleaning bills or just the embarrassment of wearing your food all day.  We also do special orders for people with special needs.  For more information and to see the many fabric choices available click here Adult Bibs



We currently offer 3 sizes of aprons, an adult size, junior size and child size.  For more information and to see the many fabric choices available click here Adult Aprons or Children's Aprons.


Oven Mitts

We currently offer 3 sizes of oven mitts, large adult, junior and child size. These are genuine oven mitts, the child size is just smaller. For more information and to see the many fabric choices that areavailable click here Adult Mitts or Child Mitts.

Our refund policy:  If you are not completely satisfied return the unused item for a complete refund minus shipping.




Adult Bibs

Why do we think our adult bibs are better than most adult bibs on the market? All of our adult bibs are hand made to order. You choose the cotton print from the many choices we offer. You choose the size of the neck opening from the 3 we offer. You choose the size of the adult bib from the 3 sizes we offer. If you have special needs and want a custom size, we can make that also. Once the choices are made and told to us, we put a 10 ounce terry cloth back on the adult bib aqnd sew it all together. Our adult bibs also have a velcro fastner at the neck. We offer an optional snap closure for a small additional charge.  The use of 2 layers of fabric make our adult bibs very absorbant. Unlike plastic or vinyl they won't crack from repeated trips through the washer and dryer. With the wide selection of fabrics that we offer for our adult bibs we feel that there is something for every personality. We like to think of our adult bibs as a fashion statement. Another good use for our adult bibs is to help protelct your clothes when you are eating at the Dashboard Diner, whether it be a car, truck or motorhome. When you hit that pothole just as you lift your coffee to sip only your adult bib will have to wear that stain all day. Our adult bibs are very popular at dinner parties and special events.; They can even be personalized to make them even more special. Our adult bibs are also very usefull when putting on makeup. The uses for an adult bib are endless. If you are a couch potato an adult bib will protect you from spills while watching TV and when you go out in public only you will know if you missed your mouth. If the last thing you ate is your current fashion statement perhaps now is a good time to invest in a little drip protection. Do people laugh at ketchup spots on your clothes after lunch and make jokes like asking you if you got injured while you were out. We have been making adult bibs for 20 years and we have learned a thing or two. The most important thing is to make a good quality product at a reasonable cost. The second lesson we learned is that you get what you pay for. We make a very good, quality adult bib and we can guarantee that because we hand make everyone we sell. We offer good old fashioned high quality adult bibs hand made in the U.S.A.

For more information

1-800-771-BIBS (2427)

8:00am to 9:00pm CST


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