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BABY BIBS and Toddler Bibs

This is a picture of our standard baby bib and our standard toddler bib.

The sizes are:

Baby bib:  9" long, 9 1/2" wide, 12" neck             Toddler bib:  10 1/2 long, 17" wide, 15" neck

The length is measured from the bottom of the neck.

All of our bibs are custom made and can be made from any fabric that we show on any of the other pages. 

 Baby bibs are 1 for $7.00, 2 for $13.00 or 4 for $23.00

Toddler bibs are $13.00      

For easy ordering call  1-800-771-2427


For more information

1-800-771-BIBS (2427)

8:00am to 9:00pm CST


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