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 We have been making Adult, Baby and Special Needs bibs for many years.

All of our bibs are hand made the same way. You have a choice of the cotton print top layer of fabric. Each bib is backed with 10 ounce 100% cotton terry cloth. They are closed with Velcro but snaps are an option. 

  Every special needs bib is custom made.  We are now offering waterproof options.  You tell us what you want and we will make it for you.         

 Shown below are just a few examples of our standard bibs and some special needs bibs that we have made.    

All of the length measurements are from the bottom of the neck.

For easy ordering call  1-800-771-2427

                                                                      Standard baby bib  9" long, 9 1/2" wide 12" neck--- Standard toddler bib: 10 1/2" long, 17"wide, 15"neck   Special bib 15 1/4" long, 11 1/4 wide, 13"neck

                 Baby bib $6.00   Long bib $10.00                                                                      Toddler bib $10.50 ^

                    14x14 bib $12.50 v                                                                              Bib with snap $9.00 v


Special bib 14" long, 14" wide, 14" neck                   Special bib 71/2" long, 8" wide, 18" neck with snap 



  We feature 3 waterproof products. Shown above the flowers are a laminated fabric that can only be wiped off. The plain fabric shown is a water resistant nylon. The nylon fabric can be put in the washer and dryer.
  We also offer a waterproof fabric that is rubber/polyester. This fabric is washable but should be line dried. The water resistant or waterproof fabrics can be added to the back of any bib we make. This would give you a bib that is 3 layers thick. Fabric-terry cloth-water (proof or resistant).
  The additional cost for these products: WATER RESISTANT baby bibs $4, all mid size $8, XLong $10
WATER PROOF baby bibs $6, all mid size $11, XLong $15

                                                          To see some more bib options click here

We have more sizes that we have patterns for. We do not charge for making a pattern. Our costs are based on the amount of fabric and time that we use to produce a bib. Our current prices range from $6.00 for a baby bib to $22.00 for an extra long adult bib.  Any special bib should fall within those prices. Snaps are $1.00 extra.

All orders are hand made to order so you can choose any fabric from any page. Children's aprons , Adult aprons or Adult bibs

Please feel free to call to discuss your ideas.  We can make it happen.

For easy ordering call  1-800-771-2427


For more information

1-800-771-BIBS (2427)

8:00am to 9:00pm CST


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