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Masks are no longer available

Have fun and stay healthy with our cotton face masks. Order today 1-800-771-2427!

Choose your fabric and give us a call. 

Masks are $6.00 each and shipping is $3.00 per order

Order your cotton face masks now by calling 1-800-771-2427!

Child size masks

These masks are made a little smaller than the adult size. The lightweight elastic goes around the head. This helps keep them on and keeps them snug on the face. 
 These masks have been Granddaughter tested and work well.
 The elastic comes in five colors: Black. Pink, Hot pink, Red or Purple.
We also make matching doll masks.


Tie Dye

Cute Dragonflies

Red and White Stars

Dark Fantasy

Candy Dots


Pastel Stripes


Gold Fish

Lady Bugs

Red Frogs

Yellow Birds


Lightning Bugs
     We have been working very hard on mask orders which is why this page is still in production.
           To see many of our listings for child and adult masks go to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Bunniesbibs?ref=search_shop_redirect





We are creative people who make a very nice line of bibs and aprons. We offer the same attention to quality and craftsmanship in our painting as we do in our sewing. Each of our items are original and one of a kind.

The following group of items are gourds that we have painted and turned into bird houses. They are coated with polyurethane to make them weather proof. This makes the birds happy.

For easy ordering call  1-800-771-2427

The next group are hand painted gourds and designed to stand alone.

14"H x 6"W
Item# 017 $18.00
Snowman A
9"H x 5"W
Item# 018 $16.00
Snowman B
9"H x 5"W
Item# 019 $16.00

These next items are hand painted Fiesta soup mugs. They hold 18 ounces of liquid.  Each piece is an original piece of art. The paint used on the mugs is food safe but they should be hand washed.

We are artists not photographers. If you see what looks like glare from light it probably is.

The mugs are $22.50 each 

Mushrooms  Item# 020
Mushrooms Item# 020
Lily pad flower  Item# 021
Lily pad flower Item# 021
Strawberries  Item# 022
  Beehive Motel  Item# 023
Beehive Motel Item# 023
Large Sunflower Item# 024
Large Sunflower Item# 024
Small Snflower Item# 025
Small Snflower Item# 025
Picnic Item# 026
Picnic Item# 026
Gold fish in bag  Item# 027
Gold fish in bag Item# 027
Lady bugs  Item# 028
Lady bugs Item# 028
Butterflies  Item# 029
Butterflies Item# 029
Mother Nature  Item # 030
Mother Nature Item# 030
Fall Fairies  Item# 031
Fall Fairies Item# 031


                 Fairy Games  #032                                       Fairy Family  #033                                  Elf Girl  #034


                              SOLD                                       Old Man Shaving  #036                                   Pirate  #037


               Blond Girl  #038                                          Hippie Girl  #039                                       Happy  #040


                 Jack O Lantern  #041                                Clown A   #042                                         Clown B   #043


                 Green Dog  #044                                                  Sold                                                                                         To return to your original page click here Children's Apron or Adult Apron or Adult Bib

For easy ordering call  1-800-771-2427


For more information

1-800-771-BIBS (2427)

8:00am to 9:00pm CST


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