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Our adult bibs come in many sizes and choices of fabrics to avoid that mass produced institutional look.  They are individually hand crafted just for you.

Bunnies, Bibs and BearsOur adult bibs are 19 inches long from the bottom of the neck and 19 inches wide at the bottom with an 18 inch neck. They have a terry cloth back and a cotton print front with a Velcro fastener at the back of the neck.

We have a large variety of prints in stock, ranging from silly to nice. We have prints with flowers on them and prints with food on them. We choose our fabrics so that any type of personality will feel comfortable when wearing one. We don't want you to think of yourself as wearing a bib, but making a fashion statement.

If you need a neck larger than 18 inches or think you would like a different size, please call, we handle many special orders.

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Our bibs are all hand made to order.

For easy ordering call 1-800-771-2427

We can ship international. We will quote you a shipping price when we receive your order.

We are open 7 days a week for phone orders

The cost of standard adult bibs is 1 for $18.00, 2 or more $16.50 each

Shipping charges are: 1 item $4.50   2 to 4 items $8.00 total

Buds and Bugs Flowers and Dragonflies  Gold Fish Pond Colored Leaves Fall Leaves
Multi Flowers Gypsy Vine Flowers on Navy Flowers on Green Evening Primrose
Red Flowers Butterflies   Lightning Bugs  Red Hats Casino

Real Dogs  Real Cats Happy Cats Tie Dye Country Living
Coffee Break Beer Wine  Cocktails Chocolate Candy

Snack Food






Hot Dogs






Bacon and Eggs 
Bacon and Eggs

Rt. 66 Diners
Rt 66 Pinups

 Rt 66 Classic
Country Living
Pretzels Bagels FishCa no Red Hats

Snack Food



White Stars 




Blue Crabs

Red Crabs

Small Crabs

Real Cats

Lightening Bugs Real Dogs  tie dye

These next images are what we call plain





                                           To see even more fabric choices click here Adult Aprons or Children's Aprons 

We have many other fabric prints. Please call, we might have what you are looking for.

For more bib sizes or personalization options <--click here

 For easy ordering call 1-800-771-2427

Our refund policy - If you are not completely satisfied return the unused item for a complete refund minus shipping.

We are open 7 days a week for phone orders

For more information

1-800-771-BIBS (2427)

8:00am to 9:00pm CST


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